Hotel Viena invites you to enjoy an unforgettable stay, in a special building, which bears the imprint of the Art Deco style.

Welcome to Hotel Viena.

Welcome to Hotel Viena, an accommodation located in a period building, built in the interwar period and recently restored according to the highest international standards.

The hotel has 10 generous and elegant rooms, along with a special premium apartment. Each room has been meticulously designed, taking into account every detail, to give you an unforgettable and memorable experience.

Located in the heart of the city, less than 200 meters from the prestigious Satu Mare Court and close to the most attractive points of interest, Hotel Viena offers you a special hospitality experience, whether you are on a business trip, traveling alone, or with friends and family.

About our hotel

Hotel Viena, a mix of elegance and sophistication, located in the heart of Satu Mare. Located in a unique building, bearing the imprint of the Art Deco style, our hotel welcomes you with hospitality and impeccable service.

When you step inside the hotel, you will be overwhelmed by the sophisticated atmosphere and the captivating design of every corner of it. Every detail has been meticulously designed to give you an unparalleled experience.

Generous and elegant rooms await you, furnished with taste and attention to detail. Each room is a sanctuary of comfort, where you will find everything you need to relax and feel at home. Every morning, at the breakfast that is included in the room price, you will be spoiled with a delicious selection of fresh and tasty dishes.

Our hotel also offers a wide range of amenities to pamper you during your stay. From a refined cafe, where you can enjoy a delicious drink in a pleasant environment, to a restaurant that promises to offer a memorable culinary experience.

A stay with us is more than a place to stay, it is an oasis of relaxation. We invite you to discover the splendor and charm that Hotel Viena offers!

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Viena Hotel is located in the central area of the city, a short distance from the most interesting tourist and cultural sights of the city.

Just 180 meters away from the hotel is the Satu Mare Courthouse, an imposing building with a rich history.

  • The first existing historical data, about the judicial organization of the city of Satu Mare, date from 1316. In the middle of the 18th century, a number of thirty-two communes were assigned to the city of Satu Mare from a judicial point of view, respectively to the newly established Satu Branch Court Mare, which carried out its activity in the Town Hall building until 1871, when it received approval for the construction of its own building. Thus, the city authorities offer the old city hall as the building of the Court until the construction of the Palace of Justice. After the approval received from the Ministry of Justice, the building of the Court and the Penitentiary was built, which still supports the activity of justice in Satu Mare.


Continuing the journey, 200 meters away is the Satu Mare Northern Theatre, where you can enjoy exciting artistic performances. Founded in 1947 under the name of the Romanian Theater "Constantin Nottara" Satu Mare, since 1968, it has been operating with two artistic sections (the Romanian section and the Hungarian section). Just 350 meters away stands the Roman Catholic Cathedral, an impressive historical monument that will take you on a journey through time. If you are passionate about culture and history, just 300 meters away is the Satu Mare County Museum, which offers you an in-depth look at the local heritage.


For business travelers, the Vetiș Industrial Park and the Satu Mare - South Industrial Zone are conveniently located 6 km and 7 km from the hotel, respectively, offering opportunities for meetings and collaborations.

Also, near the hotel there are important administrative institutions such as the Satu Mare City Hall and the Satu Mare County Prefecture.


Satu Mare is a city full of opportunities for relaxation. You will find here numerous activities that will bring you relaxation and joy. Among them, we recommend the following: Walks through the "Garden" Central Park. This beautifully landscaped park is the perfect place for a peaceful walk in the middle of nature. You can admire the flower gardens, relax on a bench and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. SPA and wellness treatments. Satu Mare hosts several SPA and wellness centers, where you can pamper yourself with various treatments and therapeutic massages. Let yourself be looked after by local experts and enjoy a relaxing and refreshing experience.

Wine tastings in local vineyards. The city of Satu Mare is located in a famous wine region. You can explore local vineyards and participate in wine tastings accompanied by a specialist guide. In this way, you will discover the flavors of exceptional wines and learn more about the wine culture of the area.


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